Semi-finished PTFE products for rods, tubes or discs

As an addition to our range we also offer semi-finished plastic products in the form of rods, discs or tubes according to the desired use or the technology that will be used to process them. We offer a broad spectrum of semi-finished plastic products for the full range of industrial applications.

One of our specialties in this area are semi-finished PTFE products as rods, tubes and discs made of virgin or filled PTFE, glass-filled PTFE, carbon-filled PTFE, carbon/graphite filled PTFE, bronze-filled PTFE, Ekonol-filled PTFE etc. This family of materials is characterized by near -universal chemical stability and the highest levels of impermeability –they also are completely non-hazardous to health. The fillings lead to higher stability and better temperature resistance.
We also offer semi-finished plastic products in the form of rods, tubes and discs made of all standard thermoplastic materials, including PCTFE, PEEK, PI, POM, PA, PE etc.

Semi-finished plastic products can be turned or milled on request, ensuring that parts produced have the right mass.

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