CIMAKA O-Rings manufacturer – for us, quality is the key to success

As a manufacturer of O-Rings, we work hard to meet our customers’ requirements. An O-Ring is a round-shaped ring, which serves as a seal to prevent liquids or gases from leaking. There are two types of such seals: static and dynamic. Dynamic seals usually oscillate or rotate.
The vast majority of O-Rings are used in force shunts. Operating temperature depends on the rubber compound used and ranges from -70°C to + 320°C). Assuming the ring is correctly installed, it can seal an ultra-high vacuum at pressures up to 400 bar.

O-Rings are designed to reduce fluid and gas leaks to a minimum. O-Rings have many advantages, including:
As an O-Ring manufacturer, we have a wide range (the complete range) of tools for moulded O-Ring production: from the very smallest IDs (internal diameters), for instance for clocks/watches to custom sized O-Rings. We also produce large O-Rings made of cord and vulcanized at competitive prices.
Generally speaking O-Rings with an internal diameter (ID ) < 700 mm are molded, usually without tooling costs.
For O-Rings with internal diameters (IDs) between 700 and 850 mm, both options are possible.
O-Rings with an internal diameter (ID) ˃ 850 mm are usually shock-vulcanized.

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