Moulded rubber parts/Rubber Metal connections

As a manufacturer of moulded rubber parts, we are the industry’s partner of choice. We supply customers in processing industries (chemicals, pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals), in the automotive and electronics industries and mechanical engineering.

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With our international experience, flexibility and strong track record of finding the right solutions, we deliver customer-specific solutions as well as many standard parts.

As a manufacturer of moulded rubber parts, we work together with renowned compound manufacturers in the EU. Whether you need a product that withstands aggressive chemical substances or a product that comply with food safety or drinking water regulations, we work with our compouders to find a high-quality solution. The production process for the molded parts depends on quantity and geometry. Whether the batches are small, medium or large, we will chose the best business and technical option for you. As part of the process, we also strictly follow the required tolerance s, as well what tolerances can be achieved from a technical point of view.
We deliver moulded rubber parts made of materials such as NR, CR, NBR, HNBR, low temperature NBR, EPDM, Aflas®, VMQ (Silicone), Fluorsilicone, FPM/FKM, FFPM/FFKM (Perfluororubber).

When you need to control or dampen oscillations or vibrations, we offer rubber-metal parts made according to your requirements. In order to manufacture them, we use an extensive range of standard rubber-metal bonding agents. They are usually made of natural rubber, chloroprene rubber or EPDM.

When designing the composite product, we always pay attention to the operating conditions and the resulting strain. It is worth to say that rubber will stand up to strain caused by shifting and pressure over a long period, while tensile load can lead to premature failure due to ozone or fatigue, and should therefore be avoided.

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